"We pray that donors and believers will continue to help and support Sravasti Abbey so that it may continue for a thousand years."
- The Community of Shasta Abbey

Project News

November 2013

Whew! There are so many details to completing a building! The kitchen equipment is installed and we received the permit to operate our commercial kitchen. Even though we don't have the occupancy certificate yet, we had permission to move some of the furniture and other items into the building, so Chenrezig Hall is really starting to come alive. We hope to have all the final approvals and occupancy soon!

October 2013

The Buddhas are coming: a beautiful Kuan Yin for the room of the dinning room—now named the Kuan Yin Room—was in place in time to witness the purification chanting before this month's ordination, and a beautful Shakyamuni has arrived for the main altar in the dining room. (See photo on the photos page.)

Meanwhile, a lot of dirt is being moved on the hill outside as John terraces the meadow/drainfield behind Chenrezig Hall. New stairs are appearing on the back deck and new doors are being hung inside. We're getting closer all the time to being able to welcome guests to Chenrezig Hall.

August & September 2013

In these months the crews have been barreling toward completion. Many crews converge to add their respective efforts to the building: stucco is completed, septic tanks and drainfields are placed, carpet is laid, door jambs and doors are hung, electricity is finalized.

Then there are the beautfying touches: the prayer wheels installed at the entrance, the altars placed in the dining room and chapel. And much attention is focused on getting the commercial kitchen up and running. Take a look at the developments here and here.

July 2013

Chenrezig Hall is a hive of activity, with sheetrockers and painters working inside, stucco artisans working outside, and geo-thermal and septic diggers working on the grounds. Over 250 donors met the Great Compassion Challenge, and Geshe Yeshe Thabkhe did prayers and blessings for the building. Things are changing daily!

June 2013

The electricians have done their wizardry and all the plumbing is in place. Now we begin to cover cover the walls with sheetrock and install the doors. Shane made a beautiful sign to proclaim "this is Chenrezig Hall". See photos of the sign-making installation on the Abbey web site. We've almost completed the $158,000 Great Compassion Challenge.

May 201

More pipes, more power lines, more roofing ... the inner workings of Chenrezig Hall are moving into place. All the windows are in, and doors are on the way. We've passed the halfway mark in meeting the $158,000 Great Compassion Challenge.

April 2013

Right now there's a whirlwind of activity as electricians, HVAC crews, plumbers, roofers and more are plying their craft on Chenrezig Hall. We've received two more challenge gifts that will match all offerings up to $158,000. You can help create the causes to complete Chenrezig Hall by making your offering here.

Winter 2013

Constructiong continues through all kinds of weather—mostly snow—and the community is becoming skilled at snow removal. The crew works through all of it, and finish the second story by Februeary. Trusses arrive and March and roofing begins.

December 2012

Framing for the downstairs interior walls is complete and the crew is working hard to lay in the floor joists and sub-floor to begin the second story. Snow and rain slow things down, but everyone is involved in keeping the site clean and safe. Click here to see how "Neither Wind nor Rain, nor Snow, nor Dark of Night" will stop construction on Chenrezig Hall.

November 2012

With the last concrete pour completed, we should be good to continue on the project all winter. Here's an update, with photos and captions, on the walls going up. Click here to explore the art and timing of concrete. Framing for the downstairs interior walls is now in progress.

October 2012

Check out the video that explains Faswall, the material that will form the walls. Here's an update, with photos and captions, on pouring the footings.

September 2012

The first steps of excavating the foundation and creating forms to pour the concrete are underway. See the photos at Chenrezig Hall Is Underway. The mantra accumulation sails pass 13 million. A generous anonymous benefactor offers a $100,000 matching gift to help generate the first $1 million to build Chenrezig Hall.

August 2012

After many meetings with county officials, the architect and the contractor, we’re breaking ground on Chenrezig Hall. Find story and photos on the Sravasti Abbey site, Chenrezig Hall is Go!! Meanwhile, the accumulated mantra surpasses 11 million. Great merit!

June 2012

By moving the Buddha, Dharma, & Sangha back into the Meditation Hall, the final details for relocating the Hall are complete. Find story and photos on the Sravasti Abbey site, The Buddha, Dharma & Sangha Return to the Meditation Hall.

May 14, 2012

We've reached our first 1 million mantras thanks to the practice of people from all over the world including France, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Nepal, the Netherlands, Peru, Singapore, Turkey and the United States! How wonderful it is to have so many in the world dedicated to helping the Dharma flourish in the United States and to help in flourish in their own hearts and minds. Thank you!

May 8, 2012

We've reached over 500,000 mantras! The entire community rejoices at the cultivation of love, compassion and wisdom in the hearts of all participants. Help us reach our first million!

April 24, 2012

Today, we officially kicked off our efforts to recite om mani padme hum 21 million times. The community and others had already begun to count mantra giving us a 1st-day total of 37,704 mantras recited! We dedicate the merit of this activity to our own and others' cultivation of love, compassion and wisdom, for peace in the world and for the successful construction of Chenrezig Hall so many more people can benefit from the Dharma.


In 2011 the Abbey community decided to proceed with moving the Meditation Hall about 200 feet up the hill in order to make space for Chenrezig Hall. The move was completed and we began using the Hall January 20, 2012.